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“It's not nailing the niche market, product excellence, number crunching or forecasting that is most difficult about building a strong business with staying power. Nope. It's getting the people part right. Like, really right. That's where my girl Rikka comes in. Mighty warrior of communication, passion and consciousness. She has HR X-ray vision. She will tell you why your hiring game-plan is wack, then she'll dust you off, make you laugh and bring you back to your senses — so you can attract and retain the talent your business needs to take off like a freaking bullet train. Yup, that's how she does it. Rikka’s got mad soul; a wife, mother, entrepreneur and full time intuitive risk-taker. She's got stories for days of trials, failures, flops, funnies and successes that make you feel as if you can go out and manifest your wildest dreams. She will make you feel like anything is possible, but won't let you float away with a bunch of new age BS. Because she knows getting to what you want is a complicated combination of…dedication and hard work. An hour with Rikka and you will have belly-laughed, teared up and strategized to make momentous change. She will inspire you to listen to your gut, and she just can't wait to tell you what's happened when she didn't listen to hers.

A no holds barred Minnesota gal, with a grin for days, giving you the straight goods, and a sense of humour that raises you up when you're feeling like a hot mess.

Like I said, that's Rikka. Enough energy to single handedly power a jet. Pedal to the metal. Pushing a boundary near you.”


Devon is a Co-Founder of Blo Blow Dry Bar and was named one of PROFIT Magazine’s 1 of 30 most fabulous entrepreneurs in Canada in 2012. She has been featured as one of ‘Canada’s Top Entrepreneurs’ on MSN.com and represented Canada at the 2011 G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit in Nice, France.

Alexandra Franzen

Rikka Brandon knows recruiting backwards, forwards and six ways to Sunday. But aside from being a Recruiting Powerhouse, she's also a prodigiously successful entrepreneur — and a zero-fluff, maximum impact communicator. Readers will adore her frank business wisdom + flashes of humor. After all, to quote Rikka herself, ‘it isn’t that hard to find the right people if you know what to do.'”


Alexandra Franzen is an Inspirational Writer + Author of 50 Ways To Say You're Awesome

“Rikka knows recruiting. Actually, she lives, eats and breathes it. With her phenomenal hiring success in an industry decimated by recession, she is an expert at creatively matching the right candidate to the right company. No one is out there guiding entrepreneurs and small businesses on how to attract and hire the right talent – or even whether they should use contractors, agencies or full-time employees. This missing piece is one of the biggest challenges I hear from my fellow entrepreneurs. With her spunk, humor and gift for “job matchmaking”, Rikka can provide valuable advice in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.”


Maria is the founder of Red Slice and author of Branding Basics for Small Business and Rebooting My Brain.

Vickie Sullivan

“Rikka has real-world, in-the-trenches experience that will help entrepreneurs and small business owners with their great challenge: finding the best talent. This blog will be a must read for anyone ready to grow past their one-person empire.


Vickie Sullivan is internationally recognized as the top market strategist for experts. Specializing in branding for high-fee markets, she has launched thousands of thought leaders since 1987.

Gail Larsen

Most entrepreneurs find hiring and trusting people to carry our dreams next to impossible. Too many candidates are experienced interviewers and all too often their contribution ends right there. Then we have to spend time and energy dealing with the hiring mistake. Enter Rikka Brandon who shares the inside secrets of how to ferret out just the right people to build the team to realize your vision and dream. Her passion, depth of experience, humor and savvy open new horizons so you can give up the war cry of “I have to do it myself!” Thank you, Rikka, for your practical and inspiring ways.”


Gail Larsen is the founder of Real Speaking and the award-winning author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story (Random House and Brilliance Audio). Gail is an SBA award-winning entrepreneur and a former Executive Vice President of the worldwide National Speakers Association.

Sarah Von Bargen

“It's nearly impossible to find a business consultant who tells it like it is, sans ridiculous business speak or BS-ery. Rikka is crazy-smart, super experienced, incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She's a ton of fun to work with and she'll never, ever sugar coat things or bury you with terms like “paradigm shift” or “action items.”


Sarah is the mastermind behind www.yesandyes.org a blog with over 10,000 daily readers.

Sara Labraaten

“Rikka is smart, funny, and extremely creative. She has a great understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face when building teams. She comes up with insightful and unique ideas to tackle the challenges. She’s very positive and knows how to relate to the small business owner. Her knowledge is vast and her spirit is second to none. She’s my go-to resource for all things business.”


Sara Labraaten has been with State Farm since 1995 serving in multiple leadership and executive roles. She is currently in the top .01% of the 18,000 Agents Nationwide.

Teresa Lewis

“When you combine experience, passion and straightforward talk, you have Rikka Brandon! Rikka is a wealth of knowledge with experience that stems from thousands of interviews and hundreds of job placements. Not only is she smart, optimistic and funny, she is full of energy!


Teresa Lewis is the owner of Get Inspired, where she is a mindset coach, speaker and facilitator. She helps people get inspired, be intentional and live a meaningful life. She spent 20 years in human resources leadership before launching her business.

Tamara Anderson

Rikka's focus, entrepreneurial spirit, and drive help to make her a success. She's quick to understand where her strengths lie and delivers above and beyond in those areas. She's got a great understanding of what it takes to connect the right people with the right projects for the right results.”


Tamara Anderson is a Team Performance Strategist with the Dale Carnegie Business Group of North Dakota.

Jodie Harvala

“In a sea of dark suits and business speak, Rikka is the proverbial breath of fresh air. She’s positive, outgoing, straightforward, and approachable. And more than that, she’s really, really great at what she does.”


Jodie Harvala is a Psychic, Teacher and Dowser in Fargo, North Dakota.

Susan Mathison

“Rikka brings great intelligence, sharp insights, pointed advice, efficient systems and delightful humor to the world of recruiting. I'm eternally grateful for her wise guidance in hiring, firing, retaining employees and for sharing her vision of the entrepreneurial path. She's done it for her own successful company, and for the firms she's helped over the years. We can't do it all alone, and Rikka has been my trusted confidant along that entrepreneurial path as my dream team of employees has evolved over the years.”


Dr. Mathison is a double-board certified physician and the founder of the Catalyst Medical Center, a thriving medical practice with three locations. She is also the creator of PositivelyBeautiful.com.

Kari Yates

“Rikka Brandon is a rare combination of smart, funny, honest, and insightful all wrapped up in one energetic package. She has experienced the peaks and the valleys of small business and recruitment for herself. Rikka has walked the walk, now she’s ready to share with you the game plan for building a team that takes your business to new heights. Her advice will give you the courage, the smarts, and the nitty-gritty strategy for how to move forward. As an entrepreneur, Rikka has always understood that success comes only with the willingness to take risks and make mistakes. Luckily for you, she’s not only willing to share her mistakes, but she’ll likely make you laugh out loud as she does. Reading what Rikka has to say is like sitting down with a very wise friend who cares as much about the success of your small business as you do yourself.”


Kari Yates is the Program Manager for Literacy and English Learners at Moorhead, MN Public Schools, she is also the author of Eat Your Broccoli (Richard C. Owen Publishers).

Deanna Sinclair

Rikka Brandon is engaging and forthright; she has extensive experience in the recruiting world and running her own start-up, so she’s the perfect person to bring her wealth of knowledge, tips, and advice to other small business owners and entrepreneurs.”


Deanna Sinclair is the President of Multiple Technologies a Xerox agency with multiple locations and a Board Member of the Business & Entrepreneurial Services Center in Detroit Lakes, MN.

“Like Rikka, I’m an entrepreneur and she was exactly the right person to help me change up my game. She knows the business world from all angles and as a business owner herself, she already knew all of my concerns. We hit the ground running and she gave me tons of helpful, immediately implementable advice.


Dr. Tiffany is a chiropractic doctor and the Founder of Healing Touch Chiropractic.

The energy, enthusiasm, and depth of experience Rikka brings to her work is amazing. I manage a small childcare business and Rikka has transformed the way I think about employee performance and has given me a new perspective on how to find the right employee for the job. I could talk for hours with Rikka on employee skills, marketing my program, and management. Rikka has a passion for business. She is confident, knowledgeable, and over all just plain fun to listen to! I am always energized and optimistic when I am done visiting with her. Rikka treats past experience as learning opportunities. She is willing to share her mistakes and what she learns from them and makes it okay for me to learn as well.”


Kay is a director at the Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool.

“I reached out to Rikka after viewing her Facebook page and reviews. She was so quick to respond with loads of information, I was so impressed! …And a little overwhelmed at first.

Within 3 cups of coffee and 3 hours of browsing her website, I already felt confident what my next step was going to be as a hiring manager. I learned that I wasn't taking the extra effort I needed to to find the strict qualities that I was looking for in an employee.

After only 2 weeks of performing interviews as suggested by Rikka, I hired an excellent employee! Not only is my new employee helping me grow my practice, but Rikka`s consistent resources are also assisting me in being smarter and thus, more profitable.

I access her easy to read articles online during my lunch break whenever I need more advice (which is frequent). Rikka has made me a stronger business owner. Now I can spend more time focusing on the part of the business that I love to do, clinical dentistry.


Pamela is the owner Davis Family Dental.


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