Co-Branded Experience

If you're struggling to get enough qualified applicants or get your offers accepted.  You're in the right place.

Hire Power not only teaches you Rikka Brandon's proven recruiting and hiring methods, but it gives you the tools, worksheets, templates, examples, and scripts so you or anyone on your team can start to recruit and hire with confidence in just a few hours.

what is Hire Power?

Learn how to hire right

the first time.

What would you do in the next 12 months with your ideal team? You could add locations, product lines, or divisions–multiplying your revenue and profits.

Hire Power is the toolbox to overcome scarcity, stop settling, and prevent setbacks by hiring well.

Learn how to use simple psychology and strategies to attract the right talent–and get strong candidates to happily join your team.

What levers you need to push to get more qualified candidates

How to differentiate average from high-performers so you can hire with confidence

The exact steps to conduct an interview that prevents candidates from ghosting you

Stop wasting time interviewing and screening unqualified applicants

Position yourself as an Employer of Choice in your market

Get “headhunter” results without the fee

Introducing Hire Power

Co-Branded Experience


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“I have had the pleasure of both knowing Rikka personally and working with her for several years, and have watched her endeavor to transform the way that we as an industry think about hiring. Rikka is truly a visionary in her field, and believes that the psychology and strategy of hiring are not exclusive of one another.”

Dena Cordova Jack

Vice President of Organizational Development at Kodiak Building Partners

If you're experiencing:

Feeling stuck after posting a job and getting crickets

Settling for the “best” that applied because you need to fill the position

Too much reliance on a few key team members
Surprising resignations from top top employees
Consistently dealing with under-performing employees
Potential candidates turning down your job offers
Dread over the hiring process because of the lack of good applicants
Not having enough time to figure out a solution for your hiring challenges


Co-Branded Experience

will equip you to build a team that increases profits, gives you freedom, and builds your legacy. Even if:
You don’t have time

Hire Power is like a come-and-go pocket guide to building product hiring success. Need to write a job ad right now? Just check the job ad section. Want to reach out to a potential candidate? Check the outreach section and keep moving forward.

You don’t have any interest in hiring
It’s okay, you can admit it. You never have to love recruiting, and with the right team, you can outsource the tactical pieces of hiring. But if you are the owner or manager responsible for the company’s success, you can’t outsource learning how to build a great team.
You don’t have an HR person
This system is built for companies with anywhere from 5-100 employees, with limited to no HR experience, and is designed to get your results quickly. Now, if you’re lucky enough to have an HR person, they can use this to build a wildly effective recruiting and hiring processes for your business.
Your team is doing okay right now
A functioning team isn’t the same as a growing company. How much more money could you make if your sales team was actually able to get out and talk to contractors and builders? Implementing the Hire Power strategies will end the need for settling and help you assemble a team of profit centers that propel your business forward.
You’ve screwed up hiring before
Mistakes are part of every hiring journey! With this tailor-made hiring guide for the building products industry, you’ll be able to pinpoint your past mistakes (and your current ones) with more clarity than ever.
You struggle with technology
Not sure how to find candidates online? The Hire Power modules include specific tutorials on how to create and manage the necessary technology to attract your ideal candidate
You live in a rural area
Small population? No problem. The course is built with specific education and resources for rural business owners to attract the most high-quality candidates–in any location.

Overcome the scarcity cycle, stop settling, & hire with confidence.

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