The most robust and comprehensive training for building product companies to overcome the lack of good quality candidates.

Learn techniques that have been proven for 20 years to attract, source, interview, and sell–so top candidates happily join your team & grow your business.

Normally $2500 Early Bird available only $1997


If you’re responsible for building a high-performing and profitable team in the building products, LBM, or kitchen and bath spaces, this is the resource you need to overcome hiring obstacles and build a team to achieve your goals.

It’s time to hire, so you post a job ad. Then you wait. Maybe you even say a few prayers (the post and pray method). A few applications trickle through… slowly.

But none of them are even remotely qualified for the position. In fact, even if you receive a hundred applications – you still don’t have anyone to interview. Now you’re stuck with no options.

You’ve done your part! You’ve probably even read all the articles on hiring–in fact, you’ve probably read mine!

It’s easy to believe that there’s no one good out there.


There are 5 million more jobs than people available to work, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.


Competition for talent has never been more fierce


It’s difficult to attract & keep employees when there are more choices than ever — it’s easy for them to leave your company


The annual growth rate of the workforce is only 0.03% — and its exepcted to stay flat for the next 20 years. This problem is not going away.


Over 25% of the LBM workforce is nearing retirement (the danger zone)

The lack of good applicants is a major struggle and it’s not going to get better.

Welcome to what I call the 3S cycle

Lack of good applicants

You’ve tried everything you can think of, but there just aren’t good applicants OR applicants who accept your job

Hiring the "Best that applied"

You believe this is just the “best” that is out there, and you’re forced to hire them–OR avoid hiring altogether

Disappointing Hires and Turnover

Underperforming employees cause internal problems and prevent your company from achieving your goals

Everyone who has hired enough times has settled

for a less-than-ideal candidate.

But the reality is that when you settle–either by hiring the wrong person OR by not hiring at allyou waste time, energy, and money.


“I have had the pleasure of both knowing Rikka personally and working with her for several years, and have watched her endeavor to transform the way that we as an industry think about hiring. Rikka is truly a visionary in her field, and believes that the psychology and strategy of hiring are not exclusive of one another.”

Dena Cordova Jack

Vice President of Organizational Development at Kodiak Building Partners

When you settle for “the best”

that apply:

You spend more time and energy training them and getting them up to speed — instead of hiring qualified applicants who hit the ground running

They require more hand-holding and management, draining your top employees time and resources — instead of adding to your bottom line

You have to adjust your expectations to align with their abilities

It can take months for them to be productive and generate profits

You’re always going to wonder if you should have kept looking

They can damage team morale by putting extra pressure on your top team members

and if you wait to see if someone better applies…

The job may stay open for months–getting only low-quality, irrelevant applications
Your team carries the extra workload while you put hiring on the backburner
Sure, it’s cheaper than hiring an under-performer, but it massively increases the risk of burning out your core team members. They might say they’re willing to keep doing the work–but it drains their patience.

When hiring takes too long, that’s when you’re met with unexpected and unwelcome resignations.

Building product businesses can only thrive with the right people.

Your business’s success is completely tied to what you can deliver, your ability to provide great customer service, and being able to get the right products to the right place at the right time.

Studies show that high performers are an average of 400% more productive than average performers. And in more complex positions–like management–high performers can be up to 800% more productive than average.

That means that a $1 million sales territory can turn into a $5 million territory.

That means you could produce and deliver products 5x more efficiently — by replacing just one average employee with a profit center who can start adding to your bottom line immediately.


That’s the difference between finding, attracting, and hiring high performers vs. settling for the best mediocre application.

“I wanted to thank you for your wonderful training and helping me to think of recruiting in a little different way. I have to admit, I’m a 25 yr + HR veteran and recruiting has not been my favorite part of the job. I envy your enthusiasm for that task!”


Barton Steel

The framework to hire employees that

increase your profits, efficiency, and capacity.

Normally $2500 Early Bird available only $1997

No matter how great your systems are, no matter how much automation you use you need the right people.

No other business decision can deliver the ROI that hiring can.

Look around your operation–it’s easy to see the difference between employees who come and go, and key team members who have been with you for years or decades. Those veteran employees have so much “know-how knowledge” that some of them know more about the business operations than you do.

You may think you still have 5-7 years with them–but life is going to happen.

25% of the building product workforce is within 7 years of retirement (also known as the danger zone).

All it takes is a family member’s illness, grandchildren that are states away, or a convincing wife who is ready to move to the sunshine–and you could be receiving a letter of resignation any day.

You may have already learned this lesson during the pandemic–people you thought you had 3 more years with gave you less than 30 days of notice before leaving.

With an aging workforce, you must be prepared to lose key team members with little to no warning.

No matter how great your systems are, no matter how much automation you use, you need the right people.

Although the candidate pool is slim–there are good employees out there. You just don’t know how to find and engage them.

Until you know how to solve scarcity, you’ll have a settling problem.

Let’s end the scarcity cycle.

With the right tools and information, you can confidently understand how to find and attract qualified candidates for your roles.
…includes everything you need to know to hire better. That includes a few key concepts like:


Learning the exact steps to start getting more applications and better applications on your job posts, so that you can actually choose the top candidate instead of settling


Posting a job ad and praying for results isn’t the only option. You can follow specific steps to find top quality candidates, even if they didn’t apply. You’ve never been one to sit back and wait for success to come to you–why should hiring be any different?


Having a clear interview format to not only evaluate each potential employee, but simultaneously selling your company, allowing you to stop being ghosted and get the yes from the most qualified talent available

gives you the hiring answers you need right now.

Copy and paste the time-tested techniques in Hire Power and build world-class best practices for your entire hiring process — or simply reference it to get the pieces and immediate answers you need.

“Just wanted to give you an update to let you know just how helpful Hire Power has been for me. I have been a recruiting fool lately, and my efforts have not gone unrewarded. By implementing a lot of the strategies that you have taught us (along with some good old fashioned dogged determination and stick-to-itiveness), we have managed to hire 16 new employees in the last two weeks. That is insane for us and it literally could not come at a better time. So I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do, and to let you know that the President and I regularly sing your praises.”

jen mahaffy

Talent Acquisition, Medallion Industries

what is Hire Power?

Learn how to hire right

the first time.

What would you do in the next 12 months with your ideal team? You could add locations, product lines, or divisions–multiplying your revenue and profits.

Hire Power is the toolbox to overcome scarcity, stop settling, and prevent setbacks by hiring well.

Learn how to use simple psychology and strategies to attract the right talent–and get strong candidates to happily join your team.

Normally $2500 Early bird available only $1997

What levers you need to push to get more qualified candidates
How to differentiate average from high-performers so you can hire with confidence
The exact steps to conduct an interview that prevents candidates from ghosting you
Stop wasting time interviewing and screening unqualified applicants
Position yourself as an Employer of Choice in your market
Get “headhunter” results without the fee

what you get

The framework to hire employees that

increase your profits, efficiency, and capacity.

8 modules with clearly defined resources to answer every question you have
Quick access guides, templates, scripts, and resources
Easy to follow video trainings and written guides

5 Bonus Resources We Love

Early bird $1997



as a step by step guide

to building a recruiting and hiring process that you can use on repeat for every job, from customer service to the warehouse to branch managers. You or your team can copy and paste the exact framework to build an effective hiring system.

As a grab-and-go toolbox

for when you need specific answers. Have an interview scheduled this afternoon? Just log in and check what Rikka has to say about conducting interviews.

“You don’t know what you don’t know.” This was the thought that came to mind when I read my first article by Rikka Brandon. I thought I had above-average skills when it came to interviewing and hiring, but I quickly learned that I still had a lot to learn.

Rikka takes a comprehensive approach that starts with an in-depth analysis of the needs to establish a clear definition to best position the opportunity for a more efficient and effective candidate list. From there, the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process is a choreographed unity to achieve a common goal and provide the greatest benefits to all parties involved. Rikka’s passion and commitment for growing and building the lumber and building materials industry is second to none, and her energy identifies and inspires the top talent. She has the versatility to teach best practices for every step of the procedure or her services are for hire. Rikka’s talents and expertise go above and beyond just interviewing and hiring, and she teaches the great benefits of a well-established recruiting and hiring plan.”

brett thorne

Operations Officer at Thorne Lumber Company

If you're experiencing:

Feeling stuck after posting a job and getting crickets

Settling for the “best” that applied because you need to fill the position

Too much reliance on a few key team members
Surprising resignations from top top employees
Consistently dealing with under-performing employees
Potential candidates turning down your job offers
Dread over the hiring process because of the lack of good applicants
Not having enough time to figure out a solution for your hiring challenges


Normally $2500 early bird available only $1997

The 8 modules of Hire Power include:

course overview

module one


Start With Clarity

  • Increase your hiring success rate and find people who are looking for a career and not a job but using The Clarity Code Framework to get clear on what you need and why.

What’s The Reality

  • Use The Team Assessment to decide if you can fill this role internally from within your organization.
  • Use The Hiring Options Assessment to decide what type of support you should hire to do the job so that you get the most value for your investment Bonus: The Hiring Options Ebook.
  • Take The Finance Assessment to decide if you can afford this role plus what you can do if you can’t afford them right now.
  • Learn how to use Compensation Benchmarking to find out exactly what your competitors are paying and how you compare to the rest of the market.

Assemble The Job Description

  • Use your answers from the Clarity Code Process to clearly define what people need to do to succeed in this role and provide a clear ROI to the business.
  • Use the Job Description Template to easily and quickly assemble the job description – even if you’ve never written one before.

Compensation vs. Expectations – How Much Is Enough?

  • Learn how do compensation research (for free) (This is great if you’re in HR and are struggling to get your hiring managers to understand how much people cost in today’s market.
  • Learn the best way to understand what it’s going to cost to get the level of experience you want.
  • You’ll learn how to think beyond money to sweeten your offers


How to get more qualified and interested job applicants

Your Ideal Hire Profile

  • Use The Ideal Hire Worksheet to create your ideal hire profile so that you know exactly how and where to show up to attract your ideal hire.

Identify Deal Breakers

  • Complete The Deal Breakers Exercise to learn how simple it can be to save time by eliminating candidates you don’t want to hire and that won’t accept your offer early in the process

Figure Out Your Keywords

Use The Keyword Brainstorming Process and learn how to use keywords to increase how high your job shows up in results and how many different searches it will show up in. This is the key to showing up in semi-passive job seekers inboxes.

Write Your Job Ad

  • Follow The Six Step Job Ad Framework to get clear about how you can use strategy and psychology to attract your ideal hires and get them to apply.
  • Use The Job Ad Template to easily create a proven job ad that has lead to 10x increases in qualified + interested candidates.
  • You’ll learn the secrets used by professional recruiters to get more qualified applicants (and less unqualified ones!)

Post Your Job Ad

  • Get the Word Out! Follow our system to help you brainstorm where to post your Job Ad and post your Job Ads on your chosen platforms.
  • Use the Job Ad Posting Tips Checklist to make sure you get the most out of each Job Ad you post.

Recruiting Hacks That Save Time

Save time by streamlining your candidate review process and automating your recruiting process



How to find people that have the experience you want, that aren’t applying to your job postings.

Introduction To Sourcing

  • You’ll learn how to go beyond “posting and praying” someone good applies and take charge of the quality and quantity of your candidates.
  • You’ll learn how easy it can be to find people with the experience you want and need.

Your Sourcing Keywords

  • You’ll learn how The 3 W's Framework makes it easy for you to find the people you want and need.
  • Easily decide the best place to spend your time and money based on our sourcing platforms overview.

How To Source

  • Use our process to identify at least 20- 50 people with the experience you want to reach out to about your position
  • You’ll learn the tips and tricks of what to look for and how to decide who is worth reaching out to (and who is going to be a waste of time).

Walkthrough of

Get Rikka’s top tips honed over thousands of searches for how to source using

Walkthrough of

Get Rikka’s top secrets to making the most out of your free profile on



Reaching out and engaging with qualified people that haven’t applied to your job posting..

First Things First

  • You’ll learn the subtle mindset shift you need to make before you start reaching out to passive candidates.
  • You’ll learn how easy it can be to drastically increase the quality of your candidates while lowering the amount of competition you have.

Reaching Out To Candidates

  • Learn the best way to reach out to candidates over calls, voicemail and email.
  • You’ll get Rikka’s proven templates and scripts for any and all recruiting outreach.
  • You’ll learn how to customize Rikka’s scripts and templates to make them your own.

Industry Referrals & Successful + Sensitive Outreach

  • Learn how to connect with industry veterans to get referrals for your openings.

  • Learn how to recruit the rockstars in your market – without it being awkward.


How you sell and screen at the same time, so you can get to YES with the people you want to hire.

Review Deal Breakers

  • Understand how and why to review deal breakers with your candidate before your first interview including how to talk about money early and often.

The Interview Process

  • Learn how many interviews you should be doing and in what order for different types of positions
  • Learn the best practices for your interviewing process that helps you screen and sell throughout the process.
  • Learn why the phone interview is the best way to start your interview process and what kind of questions you should be asking during it.

The Interview Process Part 2

  • You’ll learn how to plan your selection process and the steps involved in making a hire.
  • You’ll learn about contrary evidence – the single best approach to “stop getting fooled” in the interview.
  • You’ll learn what questions to ask and why at each stage of the interview process so you can be confident they can do the job AND you know how to put together an offer they’ll accept.

The S.E.L.L.. Interview Method

  • Discover this advanced interview training and how you can use it to become a master at selling and screening during the selection process.
  • This training is how you stop candidates from ghosting you or sending out offers they ignore or decline.


The Candidate Ranking Sheet

  • Learn how you can use The Candidate Ranking Sheet when multiple people are involved in the hiring process to keep everyone focused on what matters and not on their feelings.

Rejection Templates and Examples

  • It’s never enjoyable to tell someone you're rejecting them.  Use these templates and examples to make this necessary part of the job much easier.
  • There are templates and examples for many different rejection scenarios.  Because, not all rejections are the same.


What you can do if you’re not getting enough information to make a decision from your interview process.

Using Pre-Employment Assessments

  • How to choose the right pre-assessment to help you get an insight into your candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • A quick primer of The Top 3 Assessments we recommend and how, when and why to administer them.

Using Skill Tests

  • Use the Skill Testing Matrix to decide which skills you need to test for and why.

Leveraging Pre-Hire Projects

  • Follow our guidelines to help you design an effective pre-hire project to evaluate your candidate’s skills, abilities and approach to problem solving.

Crafting On-The-Job Experiences

  • Choose from the 3 types of On-The-Job Experiences to help you assess how a candidate might fit into your environment and culture and to help candidate’s assess what the job entails and what they are getting themselves into.
  • Use our On-The-Job Experience Worksheet to design your On-The-Job Experience.


How to get to YES! With the candidates you want to hire.

Talking about Money

  • Understand why it’s important to have The Money Conversation with your candidate before extending the offer and follow our Money Conversation Script to see how easy this awkward conversation can be.

Creating The Offer Letter

  • Using the information you learned in the interview process and our Offer Letter Template to create an offer letter that includes everything the candidate needs to know and sets you up for your best chance at YES!

Making The Verbal Offer

  • Increase your chances of Getting To Yes with the candidate with verbal offers and why you need to make a verbal offer BEFORE you send the formal offer letter to the candidate.

Closing The Deal & Getting To Yes

  • We’ll walk you through the 8 potential scenarios that might come up AFTER you extend the offer and what to do each one.
  • We’ll talk about how to negotiate so that it’s a win-win for both you and the candidate.
  • We’ll also cover what to do in case you decide to rescind your offer or they decide to decline it and how you can learn from the experience.


Learn how you can protect your business before and after you hire someone..

Should You Ask For References

  • In this lesson we’ll help you decide if you should ask the candidate for references and what to do instead that’s more effective and accurate.

Conducting Background Checks

  • Understand the process for running background checks and why they are important plus we’ll share the details of our preferred provider for Background Checks and how to use them effectively to screen candidates.

Conducting Drug Screening

  • Understand the process for running drug screening checks and why they are important plus we’ll share the details of our preferred provider for Drug Screening Checks and how to use them effectively to screen candidates.

Protect Your Business

  • Understand the differences between non-competes, confidentiality, and non-solicitation agreements – and which ones you may want to consider using.

plus bonus resources like:

The Ideal Hire Worksheet


Team Assessment

Skill Testing Matrix

Money Conversation Scripts

Hiring Options eBook


Rikka Brandon started Recruiting in the building products industry in 2001. Since then she's made over 600 placements with a less than 1% replacement rate. She's the Founder and Chief Executive Recruiter of Building Gurus, an executive search and recruitment consulting firm that works exclusively in the Building Products Industry.

She's advised hundreds of building product companies ranging from mom and pops to the Fortune 100. However, her personal favorite has always been the privately held and often family owned business.

Rikka's the go-to girl for growth-minded Building Products Owners and Executives who want to hire the right people to take their manufacturing, distribution, or retail business to the next level.

A frequent speaker at Building Products, LBM and Kitchen and Bath Industry conferences and events on topics related to recruiting and retention.
Recruiting and Retention expert for NKBA, providing articles for both and Kitchen and Bath Business magazine, webinars, and presentations.
A Recruiting and Retention expert for LBM Journal, Northwestern Lumber Dealers Association, West Coast Lumber Association, Northeast Retail Lumber Association, and the Lumber Bluebook.
Service Provider of the year for Luxury Products Group

A best-selling and award-winning author

She's the past Chair of the National Kitchen and Bath Association's National Leadership Recruitment Committee.
Frequent contributor to trade publications and associations

Host of the LBM Journal’s Recruit + Retain Podcast,

Rikka is focused on results, she talks fast, cracks jokes, and really believes growing your building products business should be fun. It's this energy and enthusiasm that has made the industry as well as national media take notice.

Rikka has been featured numerous times on Fast Company, American Express's Open Forum, the NFIB, and CBS.

will equip you to build a team that increases profits, gives you freedom, and builds your legacy. Even if:
You don’t have time

Hire Power is like a come-and-go pocket guide to building product hiring success. Need to write a job ad right now? Just check the job ad section. Want to reach out to a potential candidate? Check the outreach section and keep moving forward.

You don’t have any interest in hiring
It’s okay, you can admit it. You never have to love recruiting, and with the right team, you can outsource the tactical pieces of hiring. But if you are the owner or manager responsible for the company’s success, you can’t outsource learning how to build a great team.
You don’t have an HR person
This system is built for companies with anywhere from 5-100 employees, with limited to no HR experience, and is designed to get your results quickly. Now, if you’re lucky enough to have an HR person, they can use this to build a wildly effective recruiting and hiring processes for your business.
Your team is doing okay right now
A functioning team isn’t the same as a growing company. How much more money could you make if your sales team was actually able to get out and talk to contractors and builders? Implementing the Hire Power strategies will end the need for settling and help you assemble a team of profit centers that propel your business forward.
You’ve screwed up hiring before
Mistakes are part of every hiring journey! With this tailor-made hiring guide for the building products industry, you’ll be able to pinpoint your past mistakes (and your current ones) with more clarity than ever.
You struggle with technology
Not sure how to find candidates online? The Hire Power modules include specific tutorials on how to create and manage the necessary technology to attract your ideal candidate
You live in a rural area
Small population? No problem. The course is built with specific education and resources for rural business owners to attract the most high-quality candidates–in any location.

Questions & answers

Will this work for me if I don't have an HR team?
YES. The Hire Power course was designed after working with hundreds of building product company owners, so we’ve included video material, written material, printable resources, and ready-to-use templates. It is also designed with a Recruiting Index/Audit, so you can quickly look up your current problems and immediately access the resources and education you need to address them.

In fact, we recommend that owners of building product businesses use this course even if they already have an HR lead.

How is the Hire Power Course delivered?
The course is fully on-demand, and you’ll receive instant access to the full library of course modules, videos, and printed resources.
I'm already pretty good at hiring. Is Hire Power just for beginners?
If your business is fully staffed, you get plenty of quality applicants for your job openings, and all of your employees are high performers, then Hire Power Unleashed is not for you. But if you have dreams of adding locations, new product lines, and growing your business to new heights, this course will take you there. This is the place to build best-in-class recruiting and hiring practices, turn your business into a talent magnet, and find the people you need to achieve the growth you desire.
What does Hire Power cost?
Hire Power costs $2,500 to purchase and includes all of the modules, tools, and bonuses listed above.

Even for an $18 per hour employee, the overall cost of every bad hire is $11,272. If this course helps you make even one good hire, you’ve already generated a return.

I'm so busy, can I delegate all of this to someone else?

Hire Power was designed with the owner, hiring managers, HR professionals, and for any person inside your organization that is interested in learning about recruiting, interviewing, and hiring.   Hiring is most effective when it's a blend of strategy from the owner/leader and tactical execution handled by a hiring manager or support person.   Should you wish to purchase more than one seat, reach out to to see if any discounts may be available.

However, we strongly recommend that Leaders access the course themselves, even if they have other team members in charge of the hiring process. The tactics of hiring a team can be outsourced, but learning how to attract, hire, and keep good employees is key to your success.  You can't outsource learning.  

Overcome the scarcity cycle, stop settling, & hire with confidence.

Normally $2500 Early Bird available only $1997

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