This is a guest post by Tamara Anderson.


I met Noel a few years ago. We were celebrating my grandma’s 96th birthday at the Good Samaritan Center in Arthur, ND. There were about 40 family members in the room. My grandma was sitting off to the side of the room surrounded by loved ones. And from across the room, I could see how overwhelming all this activity was for her.

In walks Noel to check on my grandma. She was one of my grandma’s caregivers. What was probably just a routine part of her day turned into something special. She walked over to my grandma, knelt down in front of her, took her hands and said with a big smile “Happy Birthday, Emma. I love you.”

My grandma beamed from ear to ear. I thought, wow…here is someone who is truly committed to her job and cares about the people that she supports. She’s not just here for the paycheck. She’s here because she loves what she does.

How many Noel’s do you have working with and for you? What would it be like to have a team of Noel’s?

You would have a team that was more connected, more creative, more collaborative and that would lead to increased retention, lower turnover, and a better overall ROI for your company.

In a DTI Survey, 1500 managers were asked what they would most like to see in their leaders. The most widely held answer, mentioned by 55% of them was…..INSPIRATION. The same group was asked if they would describe their boss as an inspirational leader, only 11% said YES and 89% said NO.

Imagine that in 20 years someone who currently works alongside you or is supported by you is asked who’s inspired them throughout their career, will your name come to mind because you’ve done something for them or helped them realize something about themselves that they didn’t know they could do?

So how do you become an inspiration leader and build a team of Noel's?

Inspirational leaders make people feel VALUED

Inspiration starts when people feel valued for their contributions. Feeling valued also leads to increased confidence, empowerment, and enthusiasm. And you have a team of people who are more engaged and connected to what they do. And that leads to increased retention, lower turnover, and a better overall ROI for your company.

The Impact of Emotions

Making appreciation and recognition a regular part of your communication is a great place to start. Be specific about what you’re appreciating. You get what you reward. If you want a culture of creativity, reward creative ideas. If you want more problem solving, reward problems found and solved. And don’t wait to tell them about it until review time. Appreciation is a reward best served fresh.

Inspirational leaders create relationships built on TRUST

If we hope to inspire others, we first need to build a relationship with them.

Before we get to know people, they are preoccupied with their own world and indifferent to us.

If you’ve ever done a building project of any sort, you know that the key to your success is a solid foundation. Trust is that foundation in our relationships and starts from investing the time to get to know people, who they are, what makes them tick and what drives them. Dale Carnegie says to “become genuinely interested in other people” in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Inspirational leaders explain the WHY

Consider this, people don’t resist us because they don’t want to do what we’re suggesting. They simply don’t understand WHY they should do it. When we’re implementing change, beginning a new project, or asking someone to take on additional duties, we spend most of our time focusing on the “what”.

The “what” is functional and will get you from A to B but it lacks an emotional connection. It lacks a real reason to get out of bed in the morning.

When people understand why they become more personally invested because there is value to them.

To communicate the why, consider these simple steps:

a.) Start with a credible example that illustrates why what you’re asking them to do is important
b.) Suggest the action you’d like them to take
c.) Finish with how will it benefit them, not you.

It’s a quick and easy way to pull your thoughts together to communicate in a way that gets buy in and inspires people to take action.

So which step will you choose to begin to INSPIRE your team?

Be the inspiration you want to see in others and thank you for sharing on social media!

Guest Author

rikka-brandon-tamara-anderson-headshotTamara Anderson is a Co-Owner and Team Performance Strategist at Dale Carnegie of ND who aligns business strategies and people practices to drive results. She has a passion for performance, works to exceed the WOW factor, powers up organizational culture, loves her clients, and expects business results. In a nutshell, she is the fork in the road where culture and strategy meet.

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