Have you ever wanted just to say “screw it” and move to the beach?

I sure have. But in 2012 I actually did it!

It started when my cousin Erika and I decided to have a small book club — we were reading The Best Year Of Your Life by Debbie Ford.

I honestly, don't think I finished the book. But, damn, did I execute! About halfway through I realized I wanted more. I had the “big” house in the suburbs and I drove a mini-van. Years of being a Soccer Mom were flashing in front of my eyes (and not in a good way).

Within days, a full-fledged case of wanderlust took over. Soon my husband was infected too. We spent hours and hours researching family sabbaticals and fell in love with A King's Life. Their kids were nearly the same age as ours and we wanted what they had!

We thought for sure we were going to move to Belize (after all, they speak English)…but after a visit, we realized that although Placencia, Belize is beautiful, it was still too developing for our taste.

We ultimately landed in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. It is about an hour south of Cancun. We had vacationed in Mexico many times and never even heard of it until we went searching for our family sabbatical home. I am so glad we found it!

I'm even more excited that my in-laws liked it so much they are spending a couple months there in 2016! Can you guess who will be visiting?!
Curious? Check out my family sabbatical video!

Have questions? Hit me up on my Facebook Page – I love to talk about this adventure! You can also see a bunch of pictures below the video!

Our Family In the Marina in Our Backyard.

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The view from our patio.

2013-12-03 09.45.59

A nearby beach. (Xpu-ha, I believe….)