You’re an entrepreneur – which automatically makes you one of the busiest people on the face of the Earth. Am I right?

So when the time comes to bring a new employee or team member on board, it’s critical you have some sort of automated system in place for your hiring process. This system will enable you to find the right person efficiently… without taking time out of your already way-too-busy day. It’s so easy, you can set it all up in about 5 minutes. Here’s how it works:

Your Two-Step Automated Hiring Process


Step 1:

Create an email address for resumes to go to. This can be an alias of an existing email address if one person will be responsible for reviewing the applications. 

Pro Tip: If you need to, I suggest upgrading to an email provider that will let you use your company name as the URL. looks a lot better to a candidate than Candidates won’t usually jump to work for someone who can’t afford (or can’t figure out how) to have their URL as their email address.

Step 2:

Set up an autoresponder that lets the candidates know what they can expect. This serves the dual purpose of letting them know you got their resume, and as a rejection letter for the candidates you won’t be interviewing.

Here’s an example (feel free to copy, paste, and edit to make it work for you!):

Subject Line: Thank you!

Body: We appreciate your interest in our opening. We will be reviewing resumes within 10 days of their receipt and will be contacting qualified candidates to arrange the next step in the process. If you don’t hear from us within 14 days of your submittal, please assume that we are pursuing candidates who fit our needs more closely.

We appreciate your interest in our company. You can learn more at (insert link to website or if there is a hiring specific area – link to that). Have a great day!

Signature *This email box is not monitored – so please don’t reply to this message to check on the status of your application.

See how easy that was?

Now you have all your applications safely in one location, each applicant knows their resumé has been received, and there’s no need to draft a formal rejection letter. Boom!  No more wasted time! 

For more quick ways to speed up your hiring process, check out my 10-second resume review tutorial, and the selection-streamlining RYG system.

Or better yet, get my Hiring Hacks ebook, it's packed with tips to improve your hiring process and it's free!

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