Functional interview questions are a simple tool to use to determine if a job applicant can do the job you are hiring for. They are focused on what the individual has done in the past.

On their base level, functional questions only require a yes or a no answer, however, savvy interviewers know that valuable information can be gained by asking a functional interview question and then using follow-up questions to get a clear understanding of the candidate’s level of knowledge and experience.

So, here is a list of 10 Functional Interview Questions – but remember to ask follow up questions to truly understand their skill level.

General examples of Functional Interview Questions

Have you ever had profit and loss responsibility for a $3 million budget?

Have you ever done retail or inside sales?

Have you used Quickbooks?



Have you ever managed a team of people?

Have you ever had to provide corrective action or disciplinary action to an employee?

Have you ever had to fire someone?


Sales and Marketing Questions

Have you ever developed a marketing plan?

Have you ever sold “this”?

Have you ever sold to “this type of customer”?

Have you ever sold through “this channel”?


What are functional interview questions

I highly recommend using functional interview questions in your first interview, basically, these are the questions that you use to determine if a person is qualified to do the job. That way, when you get to the face-to-face interviews, you know you’re dealing with people who can handle the basics of the job and can focus your interviewing efforts on behavioral based interview questions.

Want to download the Functional Interview Questions? Click Here.

PS: Don't forget to complement these with Behavioral Interview Questions!

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