Let’s get real here: people might tell some white lies during the interview process. I’m sure that didn’t make you spill your coffee. Sure, people stretch the truth. But you should be aware that a startling number of people go far beyond white lies, and into completely fabricated events.

How to spot lies, lickety split!



rikka-brandon-fyi-people-lie-blog-quoteIt’s a given that the candidate is trying to put on the best possible face for the interview. But don’t let a charming outside fool you. You should always be listening with a discerning ear.

Red flag #1: If they tell you they were recruited away from EVERY job they had, chances are very good they’re lying (or else they’re a freakin’ unicorn).

Red flag #2: People use ‘offer’ and ‘opportunity’ interchangeably. But remember, a job opportunity simply means something you can apply to, and a job offer means an offer of employment. If they use “offer”, and you care – make sure you ask point-blank if they had an offer of employment, or if they were just interviewing with the company. Take the time to drill down into the specifics, you may find that they left before they got fired or that they hated their boss (or all of their bosses).

Pro tip: People can easily fib once or twice, but when you keep asking probing questions, you’ll usually end up at the truth. Even the best liars get tripped up when they have to provide too many details.

The bottom line:

People lie. Use your head and your intuition to make sure you aren’t taken in and hire the wrong person. I fully encourage you to take advantage of background checks, drug screenings, and employment agreements to further protect yourself and your business.

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