Today I’m going to talk about a way to supercharge your hiring results. It’s really simple.

It’s get real and get results!

Pretty catchy, huh?




Basically, I want you to get real with your applicants. Don’t paint this beautiful sunshiny picture of this great job that everything’s mapped out, if that’s not the case. If they’re a driver who’s going to work in the warehouse from time to time, or if they’re a graphic designer who’s going to also be a content writer, who may also be a customer service person from time to time, you need to share that with them.

You need to be real about what the job is and what your environment is like and what your culture is like, because a lot of people are going to love it and some people aren’t.

It’s better for them to know before you start spending payroll dollars on them.

We don’t want to bring people on to our team who aren’t going to fit, all they do is cost us money, waste our time, and suck our energy. There’s nothing good about this. Get them off your list before you start paying them.

I just really encourage you, get real! Talk about your flaws as a manager. Talk about the job. Talk about the parts that aren’t sexy. Talk about the fact that you’re the 800-pound gorilla in this market but you’re trying to break into this market and you’re virtually unknown, and there are going to be some challenges.

Or if it’s a candidate who’s coming from a big company to your small company, talk about the fact that you don’t have an IT department, you don’t have a legal department, you have a marketing person, not a marketing department, because they’re used to having those resources just a phone call away or an e-mail away, and they no longer have that.

It’s much better for you to gauge their reaction to that reality in the interview than on their third week in the job.

If you get real and you talk about what your company is like, what the opportunity is like, what you’re like, you’re going to get much, much better results from the people you hire.

If you happen to be thinking in your head, “Well, I don’t want to tell them the real thing, nobody would ever work here.”

Well, you should fix that because if you think nobody would ever want to work for you, you’re in charge of that. Make it a place that people want to work. Step one. Step two is… Well, actually just do step one because you should have a place that people want to work.

I hope this helps!

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