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Do you need Hiring AA? As in an Attitude Adjustment?

In hiring – as in almost every area of life – your attitude often predicts your results. So when you’re starting the process of finding your perfect person, you might want to examine the way you feel about the whole thing.

If you’re getting pangs of anxiety or stress: stop, take a deep breath and read on.


R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: The Secret Key to Great Hiring – Recruiting Strategies That Work


You write a job description, set some goals, put up an ad, flip through resumes, and interview prospects. Then, with a little luck, you’ll find your right person and work happily ever after… right?

Technically, yes. That’s the basic outline. However, there’s a major element you might be forgetting in the process:



Automate Your Hiring Process

You’re an entrepreneur – which automatically makes you one of the busiest people on the face of the Earth. Am I right?

So when the time comes to bring a new employee or team member on board, it’s critical you have some sort of automated system in place. This system will enable you to find your right person efficiently… without taking time out of your already way-too-busy day. It’s so easy, you can set it all up in about 5 minutes.

Here’s how it works.


4 Simple Steps To Hiring Better So You Can Manage Less


According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is due to hiring mistakes. Ouch! That means 4 out of 5 bad hires could have been avoided before you wasted all that time and energy!


Contrary Evidence: The Trick I Use to Reduce Hiring Mistakes


One of the best trainings I’ve ever had happened when I was a new management trainee at a department store. They had us watch a video about contrary evidence.

It discussed how interviewers make up their minds within a minute of the interview. At the start of the interview, they would think, “oh, I really like this person, they’re a great fit”, or, “nope, not a fit”. And what they do would do for the rest of the interview is stack up evidence to prove they’re right.


4 Phone Interview Tips For Employers


A phone interview is one of the most under-utilized, yet powerful tools you have when hiring employees. They are cheap, quick, easy to arrange and can be a great way to get a sense of a potential employee before making the time commitment of bringing them in for a face-to-face interview.


ABC’s of Recruiting Top Talent


There’s no denying the ubiquity of big companies like Apple and Google—heck, when a company becomes a verb recognized in the dictionary, you know that they’re kind of a big deal. For small businesses, it may seem impossible to compete with the status of these companies, especially when it comes to recruiting new talent.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Small businesses have many advantages over large corporations, which—if utilized and communicated correctly—could seal the deal for talented individuals in search of jobs.


Choosing a Headhunter? Here’s What to Do


If you’re reading this, things are probably going pretty well for your business.

Piles of clients? You’ve got ‘em.
More work than your team can handle? Check!
Big, exciting projects? Yup!

Wonderful! And when you get more work, you need more help – which sometimes means you need a headhunter.


Improving Employee Retention Starts in the Recruitment Stage


As employers, we want to position our company and our opportunity in the best possible light, of course. However, we also want to make sure that we are presenting candidates with a true representation of what our company culture really is. Pulling a bait and switch on a candidate after they’ve accepted the position is a surefire way to make sure that employee doesn’t stick around very long.


How to Talk About Compensation Without Sounding Like a Jerk


Ahh, yes. That awkward money question that everyone’s wondering about but no one wants to ask. We all know that we’d never point blank ask someone we just met at a party – “So, what do you earn in a year?” Yet, as a recruiter, I ask that question many times a day.


Simple, Yet Powerful Interview Questions to Ask


In direct hire recruiting, a lot depends on “candidate control.” Can you influence your candidate and do you understand their motivations? Successful recruiters have mastered the art of discerning their candidates’ “hot points” and use that information to position the opportunity in a way that will appeal to them.

When small businesses are trying to attract high potential people, they need to know good interview questions to ask and use those answers to position their job in a way that will make the candidate say wholeheartedly, unequivocally “Yes!”


RYG –A Simple System for your Recruitment Process


Chances are, you’ve correctly navigated a stoplight recently. That means you’ve got the basic concept of red, yellow, and green nailed. (If not… well, this post will be a useful tool for you in two ways!)

Did you know: you can use the same method to quickly review and rank candidates? Yep. It’s all part of a handy little recruitment process system called RYG. Why RYG? Why, Red, Yellow, Green of course! Green (heck yes!) – Awesome candidate, you want to reach out to them ASAP. Yellow (caution) – Not sure….they have good and bad aspects. Red (STOP) – For some reason, they aren’t a fit.


How To Write A Job Description


You are out of time, out of energy, and you just got another huge order. So… you’ve decided it’s time to hire someone.

Fabulous! What happens next?

It’s easy enough to know when you need to bring someone new on board. But it’s harder to pin down exactly what they need to achieve to make hiring them a smart fiscal investment.

Hiring just anyone is simple enough. But finding that perfect person to change the game in your business? That takes smarts – and strategy.


How to Review a Resume in 10 Seconds Flat! – Recruiting Strategies that Work


I know what you’re probably thinking. “What?! How could someone possibly thoroughly review a resume in 10 seconds?” Well, for starters, I didn’t say “thoroughly”. The 10-second resume review is how I determine which candidates are worth a more in-depth look.

It comes down to one rule: I’m looking for reasons they won’t work.


FYI: People Lie! Interviewing 101


Let’s get real here: people might tell some white lies during the interview process. I’m sure that didn’t make you spill your coffee. Sure, people stretch the truth. But you should be aware that a startling number of people go far beyond white lies, and into completely fabricated events.


How To Write A Great Job Ad


If you were to ask 100 people how they get the word out about their job openings approximately 99 would say they use job postings or classified ads. Job boards and job postings are used almost universally by companies that need to hire. Job postings can be a powerful tool in your hiring arsenal, but only if they are done right.


What to Do if You Don’t Get Much Interest from Your Job Ad


Posting a job ad can feel a bit like rolling the dice. That is why those of us in the recruiting industry call it “Posting and Praying” You post your job and pray someone good sees it and applies. Occasionally, it works. Often, it doesn’t.

Want better results? Do these 3 things.


Don’t Clone Yourself


Okay, I’m going to warn you right off the bat: I am pretty passionate about this topic.

So many well-meaning people give trite advice without realizing the advice they are giving is flawed. One of the pieces of advice that is often erroneously given to entrepreneurs who are hiring is to “Clone Yourself”. This is terrible advice, learn why cloning yourself is one of the worst things you can do for your business.


3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Employer Branding


As a small business owner, you may not have spent a huge amount of time thinking about your employer brand, but as you continue to grow your business your employer branding will start to take on more and more importance.


7 Clues Your Recruitment Process Isn’t Working


In a perfect world every time you had a job opening, filling it would be as simple as placing a hand-lettered ‘Help wanted’ sign in the window.

In this fantasy, you’d receive the exact right amount of applicants – not so many that you feel overwhelmed, not so few that you feel like you’re settling. The interview process would be fun and interesting, the vetting process – sublime. After a week or so, you’d settle on The Perfect Hire who would melt seamlessly into your team, requiring no training, immediately bringing in more business.


Done-for-you, Copy-And-Paste Interview Process


Are you looking for ways to perfect the interview process? Improving your interview process can go a long way in helping you stop wasting time on unqualified candidates, and start recognizing the individuals who can bring value to your business. These 5 easy steps – starting with a phone interview – will transform your interview process and turn you into a hiring pro!




Why I Love Taking Assessments (And How They Make Me A Better Leader)


While some view interview personality tests as a waste of time, the truth is that the right personality assessment can give you in-depth knowledge about a potential employee. A good assessment will also tell you where your potential hire’s strengths and interests lie, which helps you identify tasks that truly excite and interest them.


Don’t Ask! Illegal Interview Questions (and how to still get the answers you want)


Interviews…they’re on their best behavior, but are you?
I’ll leave Rikka to be the “what to ask” expert, but I can definitely share what NOT to ask and why you will want to avoid them like the plague. Asking illegal interview questions will lead right to discriminatory charges if they can be led back to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, birthplace, age, disability and marital/family status. The ability to match the question to a specific job requirement behind the question would need to be pretty clear in order for a charge not to be filed.


Worst Interview Questions To Ask


Phone interviews are a great way to qualify your potential hires without investing a huge amount of time or money. This first step is the best opportunity to weed out the MVPs from the LVPs, but you need to make sure that you’re on top of your game also. If you’re new to the hiring process, take a look at some of the worst interview questions below and avoid them at all costs!

Wahoo! You made it to the bottom of the post! I’m going take a quick moment and pat myself on the back for writing content you liked enough to read to the end!

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