So you’re ready to work with a recruiter – wonderful! You’re going to get better applicants who will bring in more money and clients and you might even enjoy the hiring process. It’s possible! Really!

I don’t know why you’re working with a recruiter – maybe you’re working around a less-than-ideal benefits package, maybe you’re looking for your company’s next branch manager, maybe you just want to save yourself about 40 hours of resume scanning and email reading.

No matter the reason, I want to help you help yourself (and your company and your recruiter).

After recruiting for over a decade and a client retention rate north of 95%, here are my insider insights about how to get the most out of your recruiter and create a mutually beneficial, candidate-delivering relationship of your dreams.

A good recruiter will:

: Make every effort to understand your unique hiring needs, scan resumes through your eyes, and source candidates with your key business priorities at heart.

: Respect your confidentiality needs — completely.

: Represent your company + pitch your job opportunity with professionalism + precision.

: Actively seek out + respond to your feedback throughout the search process.

: Deliver the best candidates to your doorstep, as swiftly as possible — and provide hiring guidance, negotiation tips, marketing + positioning insights, and negotiation expertise every step of the way.

A good client will:

: Give extremely timely feedback, with a response time of 24 business hours (or less) for interview feedback and 48 hours (or less) for each candidate we submit.

: Respectful exclusivity. If we’re partnering with you, we don’t want to compete with other recruiting agencies for the same job placement, any more than you’d want us to source candidates for other clients from your own team. Yuck.

: Your genuine investment in the search process — the desire to make the hire, and the budget + approval to pay our placement fee.

: Open + honest communication. If you’re considering an internal candidate for the job, we need to know about it. Likewise, if your top choice has an another opportunity, we want you to know about it. By keeping the communication channels open, we can serve you better.

: Partner with your recruiter, rather than having them compete with your HR department or hiring manager.

: Clear specific dates for interviews in advance and commit to closing the hiring process in a timely manner.

: Have a kick-off conversation with everyone involved in the hiring process and give your recruiter access to the people involved in the hiring decision for follow-up communication, as needed.

Want to make your recruitment process even easier?


Use an engaged search rather than a contingency search. An engaged search guarantees that your position remains a priority for your recruiter – and who wouldn’t want that?

You know what Zig says about motivation – right?


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