I love coaches, programs, and products that will teach me to be better.


I am a self-described information junkie. You are selling it, I can see how it can serve me and my business, and I want to buy it. This is how I’m wired. However, it causes some problems in my life because it can be very chaos-creating. You can’t have three coaches telling you what to do. That just gets really confusing.

For example, a couple of months ago, I invested in a significant coaching program to help take my business to the next level. I was still on a bunch of mailing lists, I was getting a lot of opportunities, and it was Black Friday, so everybody wanted to sell me something for super cheap.

I had a moment of centering within myself and thought, “No. You have everything you need in Kristen’s program. When you’re done with that and you’ve gotten as much out of it as you can and you’re ready for the next level, then we can look at the next coach or the next program. Right now, the best next step is to work through everything Kristen has given you, and reach out for her support, because she has achieved what you want.”

That’s what you need to look for in a coach. That’s just a thought on coaches and how to maximize your time, energy, and investment in it.

Take A Break

Another thing I want to talk about that’s a little bit the opposite of information junkie, is taking a break from self-help, taking a break from improving yourself or your business and always listening to podcasts, reading business books, and whatever else it is that you’re doing. You know what you’re doing. I listen to podcasts all the time. I read books nonstop. I could tell you a thousand ways I was flawed and needed to be improved, and I was eagerly working on it.

Then in 2008, when we went bankrupt, I felt very crushed inside. I was really down in the dumps, and I was embarrassed, obviously.

Ultimately it was going to end up being a great thing, but in the moment, it was very painful.

I just thought, “I can’t do it. I can’t read one more book that tells me how I can improve and how if there’s a common denominator in a situation, it’s me, it’s my stuff, and everyone who pisses me off is a mirror reflecting my own behavior back to me.”

I get all that. I’m self-aware.

But at that moment in time, I just thought, “Right now, I need to heal, I need to center, and I just need to focus on loving what is, because there are a lot of things that are wrong right now that I know are wrong and finding seven more isn’t going to help the situation.”

Focusing on what I love, and really focusing on that, was what I felt that my soul and spirit needed to recover and bounce back.

Again, my right-hand person, Erin – who I’m probably going to talk about a lot because she was a huge part of my entrepreneurial journey – called it organic self-growth, and I thought it was the best term ever. Really, you’re just allowing yourself and your experiences to blossom and create the experiences you need to develop into the person you’re going to be.

I just want to say if you’re feeling burnt out, or overwhelmed, or just “blargh,” just take a break. You’re okay. You’re fine the way you are. It’s no big deal. You don’t have to strive to improve all the time. Sometimes good enough, frankly, is good enough.

I just want to give you permission to take a break. Six months? Six years? I don’t care.

Whatever you need to refill your tank. For me, it was close to six years. I just realized there’s so much in life. I became a parent, which is a whole bunch of lessons on its own right there, to humble you and make you realize how much you don’t know. But for you it might be six weeks, it might be six months. For me, it was a long time, and back in 2014 I decided to really get back into improving myself and adding to my knowledge base.

I wanted to share this in case you’ve ever been stuck in that feeling of either too many options and too many programs that you’ll never finish, or “Oh, my God, I’m just burned out on improving myself.”

Have a great day!


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