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It’s everyone’s favorite radio station. It’s what we’re tuned into subconsciously (or consciously) at all times. There’s no shame in it! Putting ourselves first is a survival tactic, and how we keep making big moves toward our goals.

Now, you’re probably wondering: what does this have to do with recruiting strategies?


Well… everything. Because figuring out what you and your hire want to gain is the most crucial and underutilized approaches in hiring.

The key to successful recruiting involves looking at the process from both sides. This is what separates headhunters from the average Joes when it comes to finding new talent that will take your business to the top.


To test your WII-FM reception, ask yourself these questions:

From The Company’s Angle

Why are we creating this position?
What are we hoping to accomplish with this position?
What can we afford?
What results do we need to see to be sure we’ve hired the right person?
If this is a replacement, do we need to replace exactly the same position? or could it be adjusted to better suit our business needs or the economic climate?

From the Prospective Employee’s Angle

What is great about this opportunity?
Company Culture / Work Environment
Flexible Schedule
Compensation / Benefits

Don’t turn down that dial!

The greatest advantage the micro-business has against the large corporate business is their flexibility and nimbleness. Your ability to work with your ideal candidate to create a win/win situation is your greatest strength.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me: Do you like helping people?


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