In hiring – as in almost every area of life – your attitude often predicts your results.

So when you’re starting the process of finding your perfect person, you might want to examine the way you feel about the whole thing.

If you’re getting pangs of anxiety or stress: stop, take a deep breath and read on.

Dreading making that new hire? Here’s a new perspective for you.


rikka-brandon-do-you-need-a-hiring-atittude-adjustment-blog-quote-facebookMost entrepreneurs and business owners see hiring as drudgery or a “necessary evil”. And why is that? Because they don’t see it as a game they can win.

Personally? When I’m in my recruiting element, I love the strategy of figuring out who we need to find, where they will be, and how I’ll get them interested enough to talk with me about the opportunity.

Now, with that said… there is a certain aptitude required to succeed in recruiting. But you’ve already got the skills in your arsenal! I know you’re passionate and excited about what you’re doing, and you’re a natural networker. So rest assured – once you have a plan you’ll probably take to hiring like a duck to water.

Just remember: the passion and gung-ho nature that drove you to start your business is the best tool you have to recruit your team members. People adore energy and enthusiasm.

Take a second & assess your past hiring experiences


If you have hired or tried to hire in the past, then you know how much of a challenge it can be.

Before you embark on the adventure again, take a few minutes to assess what went well, what worked, and what didn’t. Recognize your strengths and figure out how to shore up your weak areas!

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